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Welcome to Royaltee By Reese Hair Salon

Miss Reese is a natural hair stylist and experienced loctician specializing in locs, braids, and hair care for all persons at Royaltee By Reese Hair Salon. A peaceful, relaxing, and serene atmosphere is provided with every appointment. My utmost importance is not only your hair care but also your peace of mind.

Locs • Braids • Natural Hair Care

Hair Care Services

Locs and Micro Locs


Natural Hair Care

Hair Braiding Services by Miss Reese

Hair Braiding Services

At Royaltee By Reese, all hair care services include a shampoo and conditioning treatment. 

Kid's Small Knotless Braids by Miss Reese
Men's fishbone braids
Kid's Small and Long Knotless Braids
Adult Braided Bun Style
Jumbo Knotless Braids
Start your new loc journey with Miss Reese

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